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A native northwesterner, Chris Sumption was born in Portland, Oregon. He eventually moved with his family to Washington State where he divided his time between watching airplanes land, playing with Legos, and blowing his action figures up. He received an Industrial Design Technology degree from the Seattle Art Institute and a Bachelor of Science in Informatics from the University of Washington. Chris currently resides in Seattle with his wife Caren, and works in web development, content production, graphic design, and illustration. In his spare time he pursues digital humanities research into interoperable historical visualizations and applications associated with archival encoding standards.



Using both digital and analog mediums, these pieces tend to focus on speculative and science fiction themes. My illustrative style is heavily influenced by Syd Mead, Edward Hopper, Charles Wysocki and Leiji Matsumoto.

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While working in the hospitality, sales, subcontracting and property management industries, I gained experience working on a wide variety of graphic design projects. These are examples of some of my more recent pieces.

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These ideas are currently being transformed into larger works, some digital, others acrylic on canvas. I typically sketch with non-photo blue colored pencil and sharpie marker on colored construction or white copy paper.

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When my father gave me his 35mm Argus STL 1000 camera, I gained an appreciation for photography and how it helps develop an artist’s sense of composition. Here are some of my architecture, product design, and clip art shots.

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The creative process is something that really excites me. I am a big fan of iteration and happy accidents. This blog serves as an outlet for me to discuss the inspirations and decision making behind some of my different works.

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Over a decade ago my friend Sarah introduced me to the fun of science fiction and fantasy conventions. I’ve tried to attend at least one per year. This video shows me explaining my artistic technique at Norwecon 35.

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Currently Chris pursue’s research into the visualization and interoperability of archival records. He explores such topics as the utilization of graphic design techniques in the display of historical data and the creation of web services for Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) encoded archival transcriptions.

From 2015 to 2016 Chris headed the undergraduate research project Apitext. The goal of Apitext was to build a prototype Application Programming Interface (API) for TEI-XML documents that provides greater interoperability while at the same time is easy to use by an audience with backgrounds in the humanities, social sciences, and linguistics. Currently, the project has produced an API that, once uploaded to a directory containing TEI-XML files, can return multiple views of that file using a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) as its query method.

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From 2014 to 2016 Chris worked as an undergraduate researcher for the Emma B. Andrews Diary Project. A digital humanities effort, this project focused on the creation of digital editions of diaries and letters written by Emma B. Andrews between 1889 and 1912. His responsibilities there centered on the display of those documents plus the implementation of the projects forward facing Omeka, Wordpress, and Wikimedia content management systems.

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From 2011 to 2014 Chris managed the John Slocum World War Two Project (JS2W2), a digital humanities endeavor focused on the preservation of war diaries relating to Papua New Guinea and the Philippine Islands during the years 1943 to 1945. While there he gained valuable experience in the handling, digitization, transcription, encoding, and display of archival materials using such technologies as XML, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML.


  • Presenter, Apitext: An Application Programming Interface for TEI-XML Documents, poster presentation at the 2016 iSchool Capstone Event, Seattle, Washington.
  • Presenter, Apitext: An Application Programming Interface for TEI-XML Documents, poster presentation at the 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium, Seattle, Washington.
  • Presenter, The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, poster presentation at the 2015 University of Washington Digital Projects Showcase, Seattle, Washington.
  • Presenter, The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, poster presentation at the 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium, Seattle, Washington.
  • Presenter, The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, digital poster presentation at the 2015 The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), Cheney, Washington.

artist statement

From my earliest experimentations with Legos to my appreciation of artists like Edward Hopper, Syd Mead, Charles Wysocki and Leiji Matsumoto, I have always had a strong fascination with geometric shapes and an aggressive use of perspective. I strive to give inanimate objects a life of their own. This is accomplished through the use of conceptual and suggestive techniques, often avoiding total refinement of my subject matter. I use a range of materials from acrylics on canvas to completely digital formats, often combining mediums. Currently, I am exploring two creative directions. The first is a more traditional, digital, illustrative style, which focuses on science fiction subjects–the second is abstract paint on canvas expression, combining my product rendering background with my love of geometry and perspective.



This is a listing of people, projects, and companies that I find interesting.

  • Alton Lawson, Seattle area Production Artist and Graphic Designer.
  • Caren Gussoff, is a author and an over-intellectual, hyper-ambitious dilettante Didikai living in Seattle, Washington.
  • Dragondyne Publishing, the publishers of the omni-genre tabletop role-playing game Neverwhen.
  • The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, a Egyptology related digital humanities effort.
  • Hydra House Books, Publisher of Pacific Northwest science fiction, fantasy, and spec fiction.
  • The Js2w2 Project, the John Slocum World War Two Project (JS2W2) is a military history digital humanities endeavor.
  • Molly’s Caribbean, booking your trip through a Preferred Sandals/Beaches Specialist, insures you are getting the best possible service to make your honeymoon or vacation a memorable one.
  • Sarah Steever, has over a decade of experience in web design, over 11 years in graphic design, and illustration.


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